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We need support building out our iOS and Android app. Developer needs to be able to work with server side backend APIs and Bluetooth Low Energy Frameworks.

About MashUps Co.,Ltd.

We at Mashups create digital experience. Our first product "ensight" provides offline event analytics solutions using Bluetooth Smart Technology. We build both the hardware and software and provide backend services and detailed analytics. Our customers are event organizers and big brand sponsors. We offer high engagement with event attendees and provide data that will help optimize and improve future events.MashUps Co.,Ltd. integrates the best digital platforms and technologies to create simple and easy to use products and services. We focus on the next generation devices and operating systems. The MashUps Company understands that change happens in real time in the digital age. We can help provide solutions, both software and hardware, to help grow your brand. MashUps does event based promotional solutions. We work with technology hardware and fuse it together with software for a variety of campaign and branding solutions.What MashUps is all about:-Offline Analytics-Bluetooth Low Energy-Mobile Development-Wearable Tech-3D Printing-Digital Campaign/Promotion-Smart Devices-IoT (Internet of Things)
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